TOKYO MARUI AKS 47 TYPE-3 AEG Rifle (Next Gen)
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The AKS 47 Type 3 is the latest AEG rifle employing TOKYO MARUI Next Gen Recoil Shock. Marui next generation system is a great middle ground between the reliability of the AEG platform and the realism of the GBB platform. The gun while runs on electric and works much like regular AEGs, its function is much like your GBBR as it has some recoil and features a last round detection when your magazine is empty.

Internally the rifle is classic Marui built to be reliable and provide stable performance. Its also compatible with the wealth of parts on the market designed to work with the Marui Next Gen system.
Basic Information
Item Weight (gram)3,300 g
Major ColorBlack
Length643 mm / 888 mm
Barrel Length300 mm
Shooting ModeSemi/Fully Automatic
Fit Battery Pack8.4V MINI S
Magazine Capacity90 Rounds
Bullet Type300 FPS (0.83 Joules)
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