TOKYO MARUI M4 CRW High Cycle Custom AEG Rifle
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Tokyo Marui high cycle custom M4CRW customized as CRW (cross range · weapon) which assumes urban type battle, M4A1 adopting the American military formulation, and improved practicality in survival game. This model with a hand guard (RIS) equipped with mount rails on the top and bottom, right and left, has dedicated custom as the M4 model with high scalability that corresponds to various optional parts mounting.

The speed of fire is 25 shooting per second. By thoroughly reviewing the internal mechanism, we realize reliability that can withstand ultra fast high-speed continuous fire.

- Realized 25 super fast injections per second: A nickel hydrogen 8.4 V mini S battery realizes a surprisingly high rate of fire. In order to support high-speed rotation of the high cycle, customized dedicated customized parts such as pistons and gears are adopted, and a special handmade motor using domestic finest bearings is adopted.

● CRW Custom: adopt aluminum die-cast rail hand guard with four mounting rails (width 20 mm) for mounting various optional parts, cut down the barrel length to the limit. Also equipped with a removable rear site suitable for mounting dot sites by removing the carrying handle. It is highly scalable and easy to handle.

● Corresponding to various muzzle options: If you remove the large flash hider, you can install the muzzle option of 14 mm reverse screw specification such as silencer.

● Adjustable · Site: The front site can be adjusted up and down with a dedicated adjustment tool. Also, the rear site adjusts the left and right position adjustment by turning the side dial. When rear site is not in use, you can keep the main body backward.

● Easy hop adjustment: When you pull the charging handle, the port cover on the right side opens. You can adjust the hop depth simply by turning the dial in the port.

● Continuous magazine standard equipment: Includes a series of magazines with 300 bullets. It is a real magazine that adopted the same exterior steel case made of steel press.

Basic Information
Item Weight (gram)2400
Major ColorBlack
Barrel Length~260mm
Shooting ModeSemi/Fully Automatic
Gearbox Type2
MotorHigh Torque EG3000 Motor
Power Source8.4V
Fit Battery PackMini / Handguard (Nickel / Li-Po)
Barrel Thread TypeCounter-Clockwise
Barrel Thread Diameter14mm
Magazine Capacity300 Rounds
Bullet Type6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity)280 FPS
Auto Firing Rate1200 ~ 1500 Rounds per Minute
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