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The SIG AIR Proforce P320 M17 was one of the most anticipated pistols of 2019 and now comes its more compact sibling, the SIG AIR Proforce P320 M18. This is a 1:1 replica with the real steel P320 M18 edition. The P320 M18 is the civilian version of one of the two current service pistols used by the United States military to replace its previous long-standing Beretta M9.

The SIG Sauer M18 was offered as an additional compact option to the successful SIG Sauer M17 and has fast become the standard issue of different United States military branches such as the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

The SIG AIR Proforce P320 M18 green gas airsoft pistol faithfully replicas the SIG Sauer P320 M18 edition perfectly. The pistol shoots extremely well and offers a very satisfying recoil impulse, in addition to this, if you want to increase felt recoil, you can even opt for a Co2 magazine, making this pistol a dual system gun, it's also compatible with SIG AIR Proforce P320 M17 magazines! The pistol is very robust and feels solid in hand which aids in the overall accuracy.

As previously mentioned, the SIG AIR Proforce P320 M18 green gas airsoft pistol is optics ready, you can directly mount SIG AIR Reflex Sight?directly onto the pistol, or with the help of an adaptor, you can mount them on RMR style micro red-dot sights to the pistol.

The SIG AIR Proforce P320 M18 green gas airsoft pistol features an all-new VFC patented Guide-hop hop-up adjustment system, and much like other similar new pistols, you adjust the guide rod with a tool provided with each pistol, or simply lock the slide back to adjust it.
Basic Information
Item Weight (gram)800g
Major ColorTAN
Blow BackYes
Shooting ModeSemi-Automatic
Power SourceGreen Gas / HFC134A / CO2
Magazine Capacity21 rounds
Bullet Type6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity)280 FPS
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